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Use Your Body As A Game Controller

Meet AXIS (Active XR Interface System), the world’s first untethered plug-and-play full-body tracking system built for gaming and content creation. Built by gamers and tested by professional athletes for low latency real-time use as well as freedom of movement, let AXIS do the work.

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Real Time

Low latency full-body tracking for gamers and more

Built For Compatibility

Use for OpenVR, SteamVR, OpenXR, Unity & Unreal Engine


Full on-the-body system with wireless range up to 500ft


Easy calibration and durable, interchangeable hardware

Cutting-edge Positioning

High accuracy real-to-virtual world positioning technology that is highly accurate

Enhanced Experience

Built-in haptic feedback motors let you feel every hit and impact

Level up your VR gaming experience

Take your immersion to the next level for gaming and VRchat, by boosting existing VR systems for real-time full-body input and inside-out positional tracking. (Requires a compatible VR system)

Power your content creation

Our user-friendly plug-and-play system allows streamers and content creators a wireless full-body tracking experience without the need for external base stations, and is compatible with SteamVR, OpenVR and OpenXR.

Tap into VFX & animation production

For animators and filmmakers, our 16-node configuration and interchangeable trackers provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for precise, nuanced full-body tracking.

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