Best Games to Play with Unreal Engine VR Injector

PCVR gaming is off to an amazing start to 2024 with the recent beta release of the Unreal Engine VR Injector (UEVR). The UEVR injector mod, developed by Praydog, is a groundbreaking tool that injects virtual reality support into thousands of Unreal Engine 4 & 5 games on PC. With true VR capabilities and positional tracking, this mod enables the built-in 3D rendering of Unreal Engine while keeping core game elements, transforming flatscreen games into fully-fledged VR experiences. No longer are we confined to a handful of native VR titles – there are now an almost endless number of possibilities. The cherry on top? The UEVR injector mod is completely free to use and download from GitHub.

But with so many options, where do you begin? Thanks to tester Alex’s compatibility spreadsheet, users can easily access information about performance and features for each game as well as tons of tips on set-up and configuration settings. UEVR offers extensive configurability options with 3DoF and even 6DoF capabilities. While not all games work flawlessly with the mod, it’s continuously being improved and playtested. Even then, there’s hundreds of games to try out – so we’ll be highlighting some phenomenal games that shine even brighter in VR thanks to the UEVR injector!

Step into the unsettlingly adorable world of Six, a tiny protagonist navigating a grimy, oversized world filled with grotesque giants. The UEVR injector mod adds a layer of chilling intimacy, making you feel the unsettling proximity of towering Maw and the suffocating darkness of the Pale City. Imagine peering down at Six from your virtual giant stature, or feeling the oppressive walls of the world close in around you – Little Nightmares in VR is like a satisfyingly morbid children’s picture book come to life.
Justice never looked so metallic. Become the iconic cyborg cop Murphy in this brutal crime spree simulator. The UEVR injector puts you right in the visor of Robocop, letting you experience the satisfying heft of the Auto-9 pistol and the bone-crunching power of takedowns from a first-person perspective. Stomping through gang hideouts, battling rogue ED-209s, and dispensing justice with your trusty Robo-vision – this is VR cyberpunk action at its finest.

3. Stray

See the world through the eyes of a curious cat in this charming and heartwarming adventure. Navigate a neon-lit cyberpunk city, scamper across rooftops, and solve puzzles using your feline agility. UEVR brings Stray’s unique perspective to life, allowing you to experience the world from a low angle – leaping from precarious ledges and squeezing through tight spaces as you unravel the city’s mysteries. Stray in VR is a purrfectly immersive experience for any cat lover.
Prepare to die… repeatedly. This roguelike shooter throws you into a brutal alien loop, filled with bullet-spraying bullet-hells and otherworldly monstrosities. UEVR ramps up the intensity, putting you right in the shoes of Selene as she faces her tormentors. Dodging plasma blasts, grappling across chasms, and desperately pushing forward in the face of endless defeat – Returnal in VR is a masochistic masterpiece that will test your nerves and redefine the roguelike genre.
Get ready to rock out in this stylish rhythm action game. The UEVR injector lets you witness Chai’s musical mayhem from a front-row seat, surrounded by the pulsating beat and vibrant visuals. Dodging attacks to the rhythm, unleashing stylish combos in sync with the soundtrack, and feeling the energy of the crowd surge through you – Hi-Fi Rush in VR is a sensory overload in the best way possible.
Embark on an epic journey across the land of Orsterra in this charming and retro-inspired RPG. Follow the stories of eight unique characters with their own motivations and destinies, each exploring a different corner of the world. UEVR brings the game’s beautiful pixel art to life, creating a diorama-like experience where you can explore bustling towns, traverse sprawling landscapes, and engage in turn-based combat with a sense of intimacy.
Slice your way through a futuristic megacity in this hyper-kinetic action game. The UEVR injector lets you become the cybernetic ninja known as the Dead Man, dashing, sliding, and slicing enemies in a ballet of violence. The lightning-fast gameplay, the exhilarating sense of momentum, and the satisfaction of slicing through foes in slow-motion – Ghostrunner in VR is an adrenaline rush you won’t forget.
This is just a glimpse of the vast potential unlocked by the UEVR injector mod. With thousands of compatible games and constant improvements, the possibilities are truly endless. From exploring atmospheric horror worlds to conquering alien planets, the choice is yours. So, grab your VR headset, download the mod, and prepare to experience your favorite games in a whole new reality. And make sure to thank Praydog for pretty much single-handedly revitalizing the PCVR gaming landscape.

Download the UEVR injector on Praydog’s GitHub and don’t forget to check out the compatibility spreadsheet for resources and even more games to play.

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