CES 2024: The Best Gadgets and Tech

CES 2024 has come and gone, leaving behind a dazzling trail of futuristic gadgets and gizmos. From impressive displays to health-tracking rings and AI-powered everything, this year’s show was a smorgasbord of innovation. But with so much to see, it can be hard to know what really shines. That’s why we’re here to take you through the coolest tech that grabbed our attention at CES 2024.

1. Sony’s Mixed Reality Headset
While everyone’s buzzing about consumer VR headsets, Sony’s making waves with its mixed reality headset designed specifically for the “industrial metaverse.” This headset overlays digital information onto the real world, allowing factory workers to receive real-time instructions, technicians to troubleshoot machinery remotely, and surgeons to visualize complex procedures before a scalpel touches skin. With its immersive spatial content creation system, Sony’s new headset has the potential to upgrade XR experiences to a new level.

Image Credit: Sony

2. Amazfit Helio Ring
Samsung may have been rumored to be working on a smart ring, but Amazfit swooped in and stole the show with the Helio Ring. This sleek little band designed for athletes packs a punch – boasting ECG, blood oxygen, and sleep tracking capabilities, all wrapped in a stylish and water-resistant design. Forget bulky smartwatches, smart rings are the future of discreet and convenient health monitoring.

Image Credit: Amazfit

3. MSI Claw A1M
Move over, Steam Deck, there’s a new handheld gaming PC in town. The MSI Claw is a PC gaming beast disguised as a portable console. Imagine playing AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 on a device you can slip into your backpack – that’s the Claw’s promise. With a modular design, customizable controls, and powerful specs, the Claw is the next big thing for on-the-go gamers.

Image Credit: MSI

4. Whispp

Whispp, the innovative voice app, is revolutionizing communication for individuals with voice disabilities and speech disorders. This game-changer doesn’t just amplify sound; it transforms whispered or vocal cord-impaired speech into a clear, personalized voice using AI technology. Whether you have laryngitis, Parkinson’s, or any other condition that affects your vocal cords, Whispp bridges the gap between your intended message and the world’s ears.

Image Credit: Whispp

5. GyroGlove
For people living with hand tremors, everyday tasks can be a daunting challenge. The GyroGlove offers a beacon of hope. This innovative wearable uses gyroscopic sensors and motors to actively counteract tremors, providing much-needed stability for tasks like eating, writing, and even using a smartphone. The GyroGlove is a testament to how assistive technology can empower people with disabilities and improve their quality of life.

Image Credit: GyroGear

6. LG Transparent OLED TV
LG continues to push the boundaries of display technology with its mind-bending Transparent OLED TV. This futuristic screen transforms from a TV into a transparent window at the touch of a button. Imagine watching a movie, then seamlessly switching to a breathtaking view of your backyard – all on the same display. The possibilities for entertainment, interior design, and even retail are mind-boggling.

Image Credit: LG

7. Rabbit R1
The Rabbit R1 emerged as a standout in the oversaturated AI sector. This palm-sized AI device, reminiscent of a retro walkie-talkie, promises a streamlined way to navigate the online world through natural language conversations. This little gadget boasts a “Large Action Model” that adapts to your preferences and behaviors, anticipating your needs and proactively suggesting actions. Imagine an AI assistant that remembers your favorite podcast to play on your morning commute, or recommends restaurants based on your late-night cravings.

Image Credit: Rabbit

AXIS: An Innovation in Full-Body Tracking

CES isn’t the only place to find emerging, innovative tech. Enter AXIS, the wireless full-body tracking system that empowers creators of all levels to unleash their inner storyteller.

AXIS’ interchangeable nodes deliver nuanced, full-body tracking, breathing life into characters with captivating detail. AXIS doesn’t just simplify capturing motion; it democratizes the art of animation. Whether you’re a seasoned animator weaving complex narratives or a budding creator dipping your toes into the world of mocap, AXIS provides the tools and confidence to bring your visions to life in a wide variety of content creation, from gaming to filmmaking. Its user-friendly interface makes getting started a breeze, while its robust features enable you to focus on what truly matters: creating truly expressive content.
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