Introducing AXIS Lite

Refract Technologies is proud to introduce AXIS Lite, the newest VR accessory for gamers and creators. Launching in late Spring 2024, global pre-orders for AXIS Lite are now open on the official website. Pre-order AXIS Lite now to receive the Early Bird price of $288 while stocks last! AXIS Lite will be on sale for its full retail price at $350 after May 2024.
What is AXIS Lite?
AXIS Lite is the new, affordable 4-node motion tracker designed for seamless full-body immersion in virtual reality (VR), without the need for external base stations and wires. AXIS Lite provides high-quality, low-latency motion tracking so that you and your virtual avatar are always in sync. Track real-time lower body movement in addition to the upper body tracking typical of VR headsets and controllers. With a new, streamlined 4-node setup, using full-body tracking in VR has never been easier, making it ideal for new and experienced users alike. AXIS Lite balances quality and convenience, allowing you to level up your VR experiences with ease.
What can AXIS Lite be used for?

AXIS Lite can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as VR gaming, game development, and VTubing. AXIS Lite empowers gamers and creators with real-time, low-latency motion capture.

VR Gaming
AXIS Lite is fully compatible with VR games that support full-body tracking, such as VRChat, Dance Dash, Blade and Sorcery, and more! Dance, jump, or kick in real-time with 360-degree coverage and ample range. AXIS Lite’s configurable, precise tracking allows players to express their body movements with maximum freedom, whether it be a social, rhythm, or fitness application. Experience these amazing VR games with full-body tracking using AXIS Lite!
Game Development

AXIS Lite is also compatible with a wide range of software and engines like SteamVR, OpenVR, OpenXR, Unity, and Unreal Engine. With AXIS Lite, game developers and animators can easily achieve high-quality, accurate motion capture for an affordable price. Make your games and animations come to life with AXIS Lite!

AXIS Lite provides an accessible way to perform 3D VTubing at home. No need to be a tech whizz, AXIS Lite’s simple calibration and setup ensures you can jump straight into streaming and content creation effortlessly. If you’re a VTuber or content creator looking to incorporate motion tracking into your content, look no further than AXIS Lite. Bring your avatar to life more than ever before!
Why do you need AXIS Lite?
AXIS Lite is the ideal solution to experience the next level of immersion in VR. Immersion is the centerpiece of VR and to take it even further, you’ll need motion trackers like AXIS Lite. Full-bodied immersion is a must-have for any VR enthusiast. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll never want to go back. And with AXIS Lite, full-bodied immersion has never been more accessible and affordable.

On top of VR gaming, AXIS Lite has a variety of other applications, including game development and VTubing. Motion capture is a powerful, yet versatile tool for any creator in digital media. Whether this is your first-time using motion trackers or you’re already a motion capture pro, AXIS Lite has you covered.

Pre-order AXIS Lite now on the official website to get the Early Bird price and save $62 for a limited time only! AXIS Lite is scheduled to ship out globally in late Spring 2024. Step into VR with Lite!

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