Our 5 Favourite VR FBT Content Creator Channels

Full-body tracking (FBT) has been such an exciting addition to VR. It is one of the main reasons VR is growing on all fronts, from an increase in mainstream recognition, investment, users and content creators. There are numerous content creators in the VR FBT space, producing reviews, gameplay videos, and more to help educate and entertain VR enthusiasts.
In this article, we will introduce our 5 favourite VR FBT content creator channels. These creators are committed to producing high-quality content, pioneering new trends, and showcasing the best of what VR FBT offers. Whether you’re a seasoned VR enthusiast or just starting out, be sure to check out these top VR FBT content creator channels.
In no particular order, let’s kick things off with:
HeyImBee (aka Bee) is definitely a front-runner for VR FBT content creators, with her being a staunch user of motion trackers in almost all the content she posts on her channel. Her videos dive deep into the social applications of FBT, such as using them to enhance her physicality in VRChat and even bringing the experience to non-native VR platforms such as Omegle.
Her bubbly and quirky personality combined with the physicality of motion tracking her avatars has made her a delight to watch – with her over 3 million subscriber count being a testament to this. Whether you’re new to VR FBT or a seasoned user, you’re bound to find her content entertaining.

ChrisQuitsReality makes hilarious VR FBT content on social VR platforms like VR Chat. The most impressive thing about his content is that he is highly committed to making it authentic. He will even include props like skateboards, ladders, treadmills, and so on to make his avatars seem like they are flying, floating, or running around. If you are looking for a good laugh, check out his content on YouTube.


ThrillSeeker is one of the most influential VR FBT content creators, and his work has gotten numerous other content creators into VR. He focuses on making detailed reviews of VR hardware setups, including FBT systems, haptic gloves, headsets, treadmills and more. ThrillSeeker stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in VR hardware and takes his time to provide his viewers with helpful information on them. This is a great channel to follow if you want to arm yourself with the knowledge to get into VR FBT content creation.
Much like ThrillSeeker, The Mysticle is one of the go-to content creators for the technical side of VR FBT. He makes some of the most detailed videos on complicated VR FBT topics, breaking them into simple and easily understandable content. He walks viewers through VR FBT tutorials explaining how to set up the hardware and calibrate the settings for an optimal experience. If you want a deeper understanding of VR FBT and stay up-to-date with the latest technology, don’t miss out on The Mysticle’s content.
Much like HeyImBee from the start of this list, NoLogicDavid is a true showcase of the fun use of motion trackers to level up the experience of social platforms like VRChat and Omegle. His antics have quickly garnered him attention, with his VR FBT Omegle compilation videos reaching more than 6 million views and his own channel reaching almost a million subscribers during this time of writing.
A list of FBT VR creators would not be complete without Youna Kang/CodeMiko. Her unique approach to streaming with her two personas (CodeMiko, the avatar and Youna Kang, the Technician) has been wildly popular, especially due to how interactive her streams and general content are – it always keeps us on the edge of our seats!
One of the key factors that sets CodeMiko apart is the real-time rendering of her avatar using Mikoverse, powered by Unreal Engine. This means that every movement and interaction is happening in the moment, adding to the immersive experience for both CodeMiko and her audience. The innovative use of FBT motion capture technology, real-time rendering, and interactive features makes CodeMiko’s streams a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of VR FBT content creation.
These five channels are some of our favourites, showcasing the incredible potential of VR FBT to create immersive and engaging experiences. Whether you want to be entertained, informed, or educated, there is something for everyone on these channels.

On their own, headsets and hand controllers can be too limiting and insufficient to create high-quality VR content. To emulate and get the most out of the aforementioned content creators, you’ll need a full-body tracking system like AXIS.

Create High-Quality VR Content with Full-Body Tracking using AXIS
AXIS empowers users with precise motion tracking capabilities, so they can produce high-quality VR FBT content just like the streamers and content creators from our list. It is an accurate and accessible full-body tracking system for VR that enables avatars in virtual environments to replicate natural human movements. This way, aspiring content creators can work with realistic avatars and generate high-quality VR FBT content for their audiences.
To achieve this, AXIS has:
  • Up to 16 nodes and 9 degrees of freedom – To create stunning motion capture animations with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Haptic feedback motors – Providing tactile force feedback to users, allowing them to be notified in a way unobtrusive to immersive gameplay.
  • Compatibility with VR headsets and software – Such as OpenVR, OpenXR, SteamVR, Unity, and Unreal engine. Streamers can freely create content on these platforms.
AXIS is a user-friendly plug-and-play system that does not compromise on functionality and accuracy, allowing you to focus on your creativity rather than calibrating it. With a Windows PC or an Android 8 or later phone, you’ll be ready to power your VR FBT content creation with AXIS.

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