Our Top 5 VR FBT Games

Full body tracking (FBT) involves using motion capture to track the body’s movement in full – from head-to-toe. This greatly elevates user interactivity and engagement in virtual environments, making it one of the most exciting additions to VR gaming. For this reason, it’s no surprise that VR FBT gaming is attracting more users. At the same time, there is a growing number of VR games that support FBT to meet the increasing demand.
So whether you have just bought your first set of motion trackers or are a VR FBT gaming enthusiast, deciding on what quality game to add to your FBT VR library is no easy feat. With that, we’ll share our selection of the top 5 VR FBT games to make your decision much easier.
Starting off our list is the hit VR exclusive: Blade & Sorcery. It is an action-packed fantasy combat simulation game that puts you in the boots of a medieval warrior engaging in combat sequences with different enemies.
Blade & Sorcery, published and developed by WarpFrog
Blade & Sorcery has a physics-driven gameplay that delivers realistic interactions and a seamless VR FBT gaming experience. The game’s support for FBT pushes the combat intensity to the next level, enabling players to dodge enemy attacks with their entire body and retaliate with kicks, punches, grabs, stabs and much more. This opens whole new dimensions to combat, allowing for complex maneuvers like being able to toss your weapon in the air and kick it to your hand before launching an attack. This marriage of a simple concept with a physics based combat playground makes Blade & Sorcery an easy contender for our top 5 VR FBT Games list.
2. VRChat

VRChat almost needs no introduction, being the go-to social VR experience. It allows players to exist in a VR metaverse and connect with other players from all over the world to build and foster social relationships. Players can engage in fun real-world activities like having conversations, hiking, bowling, clubbing, and so on.

VRChat, published and developed by VRChat

While social platform games are not new, VRChat’s support for FBT brings unparalleled depth to these social experiences and empowers players like never before. It ensures that VR avatars have a complete range of motion that corresponds with the players’ movements in the real world, essentially creating a perfectly emulated digital twin. Armed with FBT trackers, players can truly physically express themselves in the metaverse.

Have you ever wondered how scary it would be like to battle a dinosaur in VR? Island 359 holds the answer. This VR FBT game is for fans of survival games. It casts players as a mercenary, dropped off on a dangerous island filled with all kinds of dangerous dinosaurs from quick and crafty Velociraptors to the imposing T-Rex. The goal is to survive by defending yourself from dinosaur attacks and striking them down using guns, knives, and anything else at your disposal.
Island 359, published and developed by CloudGate Studio, Inc
With the addition of FBT support in Island 359, players can add their lower body to this arsenal, empowering them to kick dinosaurs and dodge safely away from tooth and claw – making this an easy addition to our list.
4. Beat Saber with FeetSaber Mod
Even with the inclusion of a mod, it was impossible to exclude Beat Saber from our list. With the FeetSaber mod, full-body tracking is added to the gameplay with Beat Saber players being able to choose to slice the boxes using their feet alone or using their hands together with their feet. Apart from the usual fun and engaging experience, FeetSaber is, understandably, also a great way to get some exercise as it literally doubles the players input and involvement.
Beat Saber, published and developed by Beat Games
5. Neos VR
To round off our list is Neos VR, the top alternative to VRChat but with a twist. Both are social VR platforms, however, Neos VR focuses on empowering players to create and use 3D models in the virtual environment. To achieve this, it has a dedicated engine built from the ground up and several extended customization features.
Neos VR, published by Solirax and developed by Frooxius
Neos VR has since become known for its highly customizable and extensible environment. Players have more control over creating their own worlds, avatars, and interactive elements. This can lead to more unique, creative and catered experiences compared to VRChat. Similarly to VRChat, Neos VR has FBT support.
Making VR FBT Gaming Accessible and User-Friendly
VR FBT gaming is attracting a lot of interest from VR gamers. However, its setup is relatively inaccessible to a majority of VR gamers. Some FBT systems are extremely expensive, while others have a complex setup process or have cumbersome tracking methods – making it challenging for more players to explore this increasingly popular gaming niche. Fortunately, that is no longer the case with the advancement of motion tracker technology such as the AXIS – a feature-rich and user-friendly full-body tracking system for VR.
AXIS is built for convenience, allowing you to focus on gaming instead of configuring a complicated setup. It is a plug-and-play system that makes VR-FBT gaming accessible to more gamers – especially those lacking the technical expertise required for complex gaming setups. Players can suit up easily and start gaming in no time. In addition, it allows hands-free management with wireless charging, while also being rugged by having dust and water resistance.
Despite being an accessible user-friendly FBT system, AXIS doesn’t compromise on the depth of features. It has up to 16 interchangeable nodes and 9 degrees of freedom to deliver accurate full-body motion tracking. This allows you to work with a realistic and nuanced avatar that accurately tracks your movements in the real world.
Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of VR headsets and software, including OpenVR, SteamVR, and OpenXR; empowering users to enjoy VR experiences on their preferred platforms. Integrating a motion tracking system like the AXIS with a VR gaming setup is a great way to unlock the full potential of what VR gaming experiences have to offer.

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