Tutorial: Setting Up SteamVR with AXIS

1.0. Download & Installation

1.1. Software required:

1.2. Installation of SteamVR SDK

  1. Download SteamVR SDK from or from the link stated in 1.1. to ensure it is the latest version.
  2. Locate downloaded SteamVR SDK on your computer.
  3. Unzip the folder. There should be a folder named “axis” and a “readme” instruction memo.
  4. Right-click and copy the “axis” folder.
  5. Locate the SteamVR drivers folder on your computer and paste (Ctrl+V) your “axis” folder into the SteamVR drivers folder.  

2.0. Assigning of nodes for VR mode

  1. In AXIS Control Center, click on “My Devices” > “Nodes Manager”.
  2. Click on the top left toggle and switch to “VR” mode.
  3. Assign the paired nodes to the selected body parts.
  4. Begin the calibration process for AXIS.
    (To find out how, check out our “Kickstart AXIS Tutorial“)

3.0. Setting up Of "Profiles" in AXIS Control Center

3.1. Setting up of "Limb Length"

  1. Select “Profiles” on the left tab in AXIS Control Center.
  2. Under “Limb Length”, select your measurement unit and input your measurements for the respective body parts.

    Note: Use a measuring tape for more accurate measurements.

3.2. Setting up of "Profiles" and "SteamVR Trackers"

  1. Select “Profiles” on the left tab in AXIS Control Center.
  2. Under “SteamVR Trackers”, click on near the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Click on on the profile to edit the profile name and press “enter” on your keyboard to save the profile name.
  4. When the profile is selected, click the circles on the avatar to toggle respective trackers on/off for the profile.
  5. SteamVR will automatically select the first profile on the list as the default. To select a different profile, please see 4.1. below.
  6. These are the recommended trackers assignment for the following games:
    • VRChat
      • On AXIS Control Center
      • On SteamVR
    • Blade & Sorcery
      • On AXIS Control Center
      • On SteamVR

Note: Changes like adding or removing trackers in the AXIS Control Center profile will be reflected immediately on SteamVR.

4.0. Activating/Deactivating Trackers in SteamVR

4.1. Switching profiles for SteamVR

  1. The default trackers detected in SteamVR would be the profile positioned at the top of the “SteamVR Trackers” list.
  2. To change to another profile, click and drag the profile you want to the top.

4.2. Deactivating trackers on for SteamVR

  1. Create a new profile with no trackers assigned.
  2. Drag the profile with no trackers to the top.

4.3. Switching Profiles on your VR headset

  1. Select “Desktop View” from within SteamVR.
  2. Open “AXIS Control Center” and navigate to “Profiles”.
  3. Swap between the profiles by dragging the profile you want to the top.

5.0. Calibrating AXIS via VR Headset

  1. With your VR headset on, select “Desktop View” from within SteamVR.
  2. Open “AXIS Control Center” and navigate to “My Devices” > “Calibration Manager”.
  3. Follow the same steps to calibrate AXIS.

6.0. Launching VR game in SteamVR with AXIS

Minimize AXIS Control Center and start up your game on SteamVR. Do a full body calibration (in the game settings) before you start. 

6.1. Calibration within VR game examples

6.1.1. VR Chat

  1. Open the launchpad on VRChat and select “Calibrate FBT”.
  2. Position your on body trackers to match with the in-game trackers (white circles).
  3. Click both interact buttons (usually triggers) and you’re all set!

    Note: For more in depth details on how to calibrate AXIS with VRChat, click here.

6.1.2. Blade & Sorcery

  1. Stand in the center of your play space before selecting on “Settings” > “Trackers” in-game.
  2. Check if your on body feet trackers are aligned with the in-game feet trackers. If it isn’t, move your body to match the in-game trackers and re-enter “Trackers” menu again.
  3. Once your feet trackers are aligned, stand still and adjust your on body hip tracker to match the in-game hip tracker before re-entering the “Trackers” menu.
  4. Once all your body trackers are aligned with the in-game trackers, click on the interact button (usually trigger button) to save and you’re all good to go!

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