Tutorial: Updating AXIS Firmware via AXIS Control Centre

1. Checking for new firmware updates

  1. Ensure the dongle is plugged in to your PC.

  2. Ensure the nodes that you want to update are paired to any body part within the Node Manager found in AXIS Control Centre.

  3. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Control Centre, and click on the ‘refresh arrow’ next to ‘Firmware Version’.If there is an update, the text ‘New version available’ will appear beside either the Nodes and/or Dongle.

  4. Once the above text appears, you can click either of the links to start the flashing process.

  5. IMPORTANT: If there is an update for both nodes and the dongle, we highly recommend flashing the dongle first. This precaution ensures that you don’t accidentally update the dongle to a version that is unable to flash the nodes.

2. Updating your dongle

  1.  Click on the ‘New version available’ text that appears beside the Dongle version number to begin updating the dongle.

  2. When updating the dongle, a progress popup will appear.

  3. Once complete, the dongle will automatically restart.

  4. Physically disconnect the dongle, and then reconnect it back to your PC. This step concludes the dongle flashing process.

3. Updating your nodes

  1. Before starting flashing your nodes, please ensure there is about a 60 – 100cm distance between the dongle and nodes. This ensures more stable communication between them.

  2. Click on the ‘New version available’ text that appears beside the Nodes version number to begin updating the nodes.

  3. When updating the nodes, a progress popup will appear.

  4. When flashing the nodes, the progress bar would hold at 99% for some time while each node gets updated one by one.

    IMPORTANT: Once the bar has reached 99%, you will notice that the nodes’ LED will start to turn white, one node at a time. The node with a white LED indicator is the one currently being updated. Once a node’s update is complete, its LED will indicate green momentarily and shut off, and the next node will start to update.

  5. Each node should not take longer than 2 or 3 minutes to flash. If it does, kindly refer to the FAQ section below on how to rectify this.

  6. Once all paired nodes have been flashed, the progress bar will hit 100%.

  7. Physically disconnect the dongle, and then reconnect it back to your PC. This step concludes the node flashing process.

4. FAQ

4.1. My node has been updating / flashing white for more than 3 minutes

  1. Set aside any nodes that have already been updated successfully (these nodes would have been automatically turned off during the update process).

  2. Turn off the node currently flashing white by holding down the node’s button until it shuts off. Repeat this step with any node that has yet to be updated.

  3. Unplug and reconnect the dongle from your computer.

  4. Go back into the “Node Manager” page in the “AXIS Control Centre” software.

  5. On that page, unpair all currently paired nodes, and pair only the nodes that are yet to be updated.

  6. Restart the node updating process.

In the rare chance that the updating process gets stuck again, you can safely repeat the above steps again. Rest assured that your nodes and dongle would not brick even with repeated updating.

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