Best VR Games to Check Out for Steam VR Fest 2023

Step into a realm where reality and imagination collide as Steam VR Fest 2023 unfolds its virtual wonders from December 4th to 11th. This week-long celebration invites virtual reality enthusiasts to dive headfirst into a plethora of immersive experiences available on Steam. With a vast array of VR titles at your fingertips, the festival promises not only exciting gameplay and fresh demos of upcoming games, but also exclusive discounts on select titles. Whether you’re a seasoned VR veteran or a newcomer eager to explore, Steam VR Fest is your ticket to discovering the best virtual reality has to offer. Join us as we explore the standout games and experiences that will make this festival an unmissable event for VR enthusiasts.

Calling all DDR and DanceRush fans, this one’s for you. Released in September this year, Dance Dash is a full-body VR rhythm game, transforming your VR setup into the ultimate dance floor. With a range of community beatmaps and downloadable content, the game allows you to stomp beats using your feet, providing a uniquely physical rhythm gaming experience. It’s an open platform where you can customize your gameplay by downloading custom songs, charts, and mods or create your beats with a free beatmap editor. With gravity-powered shoes, slide to the rhythm, shuffle, and jump in this exhilarating VR dance adventure that challenges your reflexes and creativity right at home.

Dance Dash, published and developed by Rebuff Reality

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Venture into the cyberpunk universe of Zenith: The Last City. This virtual reality game seamlessly blends futuristic aesthetics, captivating storytelling, and dynamic action. Amid towering skyscrapers, players navigate a world where magic and technology converge, engaging in gripping combat and intricate quests. Zenith is not just a game; it’s an invitation to explore and conquer the secrets of a mesmerizing cybernetic realm. To top it off, the game also supports full-body tracking for an even more immersive adventure.

Zenith: The Last City, published and developed by Ramen VR

Half-Life: Alyx thrusts players into a virtual reality masterpiece set in the dystopian City 17. As Alyx Vance, players navigate intricately designed environments, solving puzzles, and engaging in intense combat against the alien Combine forces. The game’s attention to detail and realistic physics create an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming. With intuitive VR mechanics, Half-Life: Alyx is a groundbreaking fusion of the iconic Half-Life franchise and cutting-edge virtual reality technology, making it the perfect title to get into VR gaming.

Half-Life: Alyx, published and developed by Valve

Can’t get enough of physics-based mechanics in VR? Try out BONEWORKS, a groundbreaking narrative-driven VR action game with advanced experimental physics mechanics. Engage in dynamic combat, solve puzzles creatively, and explore a mysterious narrative within the Monogon Industries’ artificial intelligence system, Myth OS. With hyper-realistic VR interactions, a plethora of physics-based weaponry, and accurate full IK body systems, BONEWORKS offers an unparalleled level of interactivity and creativity in VR gaming.

BONEWORKS, published and developed by Stress Level Zero

One of our favorite VR games of the year, Vertigo 2 is an immersive single-player VR adventure set in Quantum Reactor VII’s depths. Confront bizarre alien life, deadly android security, and mysterious agents in a vast, handcrafted world. With hybrid locomotion, diverse enemies, and an exciting arsenal of weapons, Vertigo 2 offers a thrilling journey through underground mysteries and intense combat. Vertigo 2 has proved to be a hit among VR fans this year with an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating on Steam.

Vertigo 2, published by Zulubo Productions and developed by Zach Tsiakalis-Brown

Blade & Sorcery redefines VR combat with its medieval fantasy sandbox, discarding weightless swordplay for a groundbreaking physics-driven system. Built exclusively for VR, it boasts precise hitboxes, realistic object weight, and full-body physics for creatures, creating an authentic and dynamic combat experience. Notably, Blade & Sorcery stands out with full-body tracking (FBT) capabilities, allowing players to see and physically engage with their entire bodies in the virtual space. This innovative feature enhances immersion, making every swing, block, and magical maneuver a fully embodied and captivating experience. For those looking for a bonafide FBT experience, look no further than Blade & Sorcery.

Blade & Sorcery, published and developed by WarpFrog
7. Demeo

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Demeo, a virtual reality tabletop RPG that combines stunning visuals with the social dynamics of a board game night (and also looks great in mixed reality on the Quest 3). Explore procedurally generated dungeons, assemble a party of friends, and engage in cooperative turn-based battles against fantastical creatures. With intuitive controls and strategic depth, Demeo brings the magic of tabletop gaming to life in an immersive VR experience.

Demeo, published and developed by Resolution Games

Ever wanted to shoot up zombies in VR? Then, Arizona Sunshine might be the perfect pick for you. Arizona Sunshine is the ultimate VR zombie apocalypse experience. Set in a post-apocalyptic southwestern America, you and up to three survivors face hordes of zombies armed with motion-controlled weapons and scarce resources. Whether going solo or teaming up, this first-person shooter brings the undead to life in a thrilling VR adventure, where every move and decision counts in your desperate quest for survival. Just in time to prepare for the anticipated sequel, Arizona Sunshine 2, releasing on December 7th.

Arizona Sunshine, published and developed by Vertigo Games

Embark on a virtual martial arts journey with Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu, a dynamic game that brings the art of kung fu to life. Channel your inner Bruce Lee as you execute precise moves using your hands and body, engage in intense battles, and master powerful martial arts techniques in first-person VR kung fu. With realistic physics and captivating visuals, Dragon Fist immerses you in a world where you become the ultimate virtual martial artist. The best part? It has full-body tracking. Live out your Drunken Master dreams to the fullest!

Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu, published by Clique Games and developed by Ben Olding Games
10. OhShape

Ever wondered what it would be like if you combined Hole in the Wall with rhythm? Dive into the rhythmic world of OhShape, a VR game that turns fitness into a dance party by cleverly combining the silliness of Hole in the Wall with music. Maneuver through obstacles by shaping your body to the beat of energetic music, providing a seriously fun full-body workout that feels more like a dance than exercise. With dynamic challenges and intuitive controls, OhShape makes staying active an exhilarating adventure in the virtual realm.

OhShape, published and developed by Odders Lab
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