Our 5 Favourite FBT VTubers

In the ever-evolving landscape of online content creation, VTubers have emerged as a captivating fusion of entertainment and technology. Among these creators, a distinct group has expertly woven full-body tracking (FBT) technology into the fabric of their content. As we eagerly anticipate The VTuber Awards hosted by filian, an appreciative nod to the community’s talent, we’d like to highlight our own honorary category of our 5 favorite FBT VTubers who are reshaping the boundaries of virtual content creation.
1. filian
There’s no better way to start off than the host of The VTuber Awards herself, filian. In the vibrant world of VTubing, filian stands out as a spirited indie VTuber, known for her hilarious VRChat antics. It’s not just the laughs she brings to her audience; it’s the way she aptly uses full-body tracking in her content, making it so expressive and turning it into an endless stream of entertainment. filian’s passion for FBT becomes evident when she unleashes her repertoire of silly, yet impressive acrobatic stunts. You can’t help but appreciate her dedication to committing to the bit, even if it means breaking a bone here and there.
Beyond the laughter, filian stands out as a great and entertaining VTuber, not only pushing the limits of comedic expression but also advocating for more recognition within the content creation sphere. Her recent initiative, The VTuber Awards, is a testament to her commitment to spotlighting and celebrating the diverse talents that fuel the VTuber community.
In the realm of VTubing, CodeMiko stands as a technological trailblazer, harnessing high-end equipment and motion capture technology to redefine the immersive experience. As an indie VTuber, her streams are a testament to the pinnacle of technical achievement, with real-time rendering of her avatar through MikoVerse, powered by Unreal Engine. CodeMiko’s entertaining personality is complemented by her role as a talented technician, pushing the technical boundaries of VTubing.
Her passion for incorporating emerging technology isn’t just for show; it represents a dedication to providing viewers with an interactive and visually stunning virtual experience. CodeMiko’s streams are a fusion of technical prowess and engaging content, showcasing the expanding reach of VTubing in the digital age.
A member of the popular VTuber agency, VShojo, Zentreya carves her niche with a unique choice – using Text-to-Speech (TTS) instead of her real voice. This unconventional approach adds a distinctive flavor to her streams, often leading to amusing and delightfully scuffed moments that highlight the authentic and spontaneous nature of her content.
Zentreya’s use of TTS sets her apart in the crowded VTuber landscape, showcasing her willingness to break the norm and explore uncharted territories. While her FBT antics in VRChat bring laughter and joy, Zentreya’s content is not rated E for everyone, as she often shows off the less family-friendly applications of using FBT!
What happens when you marry the worlds of VR and VTubing together? You get the harmonious creator that is PHIAbunny, an indie VTuber and host of The Virtual Reality Show. Her primary focus on covering VR technology, news, and trends sets her apart as an informed and reliable source in not only the VTuber community, but the VR community as well.
PHIAbunny’s content is insanely informative, stretching from VR technology to VTubing and full-body tracking. With a wealth of knowledge in all things VRChat and FBT, she not only entertains, but also educates her audience. Beyond her informative content, PHIAbunny serves as a mentor to those venturing into VRChat or VTubing, creating handy tips and tutorials to ease newcomers into virtual reality. Her multifaceted approach not only enriches the VTuber community but also establishes PHIAbunny as an indispensable guide in the ever-changing world of virtual reality.
Concluding our list is tfmjonny, an indie VTuber recognized for his lively FBT bits and engaging roleplaying in VRChat and the now-defunct Omegle (RIP). Whether he’s using his dashing wolf boy model or his adorable Baby Jonny form, tfmjonny keeps his content fresh and engaging.
Aside from his comedic prowess, tfmjonny also showcases his talents as a skilled singer, injecting a musical dimension into his virtual performances. tfmjonny actively introduces more people to the world of performance arts in virtual reality. With his participation and advocacy for VR concerts, he not only entertains but also contributes to the growing cultural significance of VR as a platform for artistic expression. tfmjonny’s multifaceted talents make him a standout in the VTuber landscape, appealing to a broad audience with his unique blend of humor, music, and interactive experiences.
As the VTuber community continues to grow to even higher heights, these five FBT stars are paving the way for VTubers to evolve their content to a new level of immersion. Whether it’s acrobatic stunts, cutting-edge technology, unique voice choices, informative content, or a harmonious blend of talents, each of these VTubers brings something extraordinary to the table. As we avidly await The VTuber Awards, let’s collectively appreciate the creativity and innovation that these FBT VTubers contribute to the digital stage. Their combined efforts not only entertain but also inspire a new generation of content creators to explore the boundless possibilities within the VTubing world.
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